• Chapter Rho's officers are committed to continuing the success of ZBT at University of Illinois. These young men work hard to strengthen our brotherhood and propel Chapter Rho into the future.




  • Position:        Name:       Email:          Major:       Year:
    President       Jeremy Kleinstein       j.kleinstein17@gmail.com       Accountancy & Finance        Junior 
    External VP       Bill Weissinger       bpweissinger@gmail.com        Integrated Biology       Junior 
    Internal VP       Mike O'Connor       mike.oconnor.773@gmail.com       Economics        Junior  
    Risk Manager       Brett Lerner       brettlern10@gmail.com       Broadcast Journalism       Junior  
    Treasurer       Mark Weinberger       markwein22@gmail.com       Accountancy       Junior  
    Alumni Chair       David Khazanovich       dkhazano@gmail.com        Finance       Junior
    Social Chair       David Quinn       davidquinn54@gmail.com       Advertising       Junior 
    Social Chair       Patrick Quinn       patricktyronequinn@gmail.com       Marketing        Junior

    Social Chair

          Jason Chaskin        jason.chaskin@gmail.com       Accountancy      


    Service Chair

          Jay Lehrman       jaylehrman1@gmail.com       Marketing & Management      


    Rush Chair       Ricky Gumirov       rickygumirov@gmail.com        Accountancy & Finance       Sophomore
    Rush Chair       David Eagan       d.eagen18@gmail.com       Political Science        Sophomore 
    Rush Chair       Jason Shaltiel       jrshaltiel@gmail.com       Accountancy & Finance       Sophomore
    Rush Chair       Nate Berger       nathan.berger20@gmail.com